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Welcome to Snoetic Farm

We have been growing garlic on our farm near San Clara, Manitoba since 2007.  Our crop began with a handful of Persian Star bulbs and a whole lot of bulbils. We have developed a diverse collection of over 80 varieties.

Our seed garlic is carefully grown and selected for quality, health and vigour. Bulbs are sized according to diameter and according to the potential of a given variety. Bulbils are available for bolting Main Crop and Collection varieties.

About Us

Snoetic is a whimsical combination of the words “snow” and “noetic” with the additional benefit of rhyming with “poetic.” We created and ...

Seed Garlic

Snoetic Garlic Farm specializes in growing and selling garlic varieties for both seed and culinary purposes. We are a small family-owned and ...

Growing Tips

Nothing compares to homegrown fresh garlic - growing your own supply and extras for friends & family is very gratifying. Growing for market ...


There are several ways to order Snoetic Farm seed garlic. Our online shopping cart is quick, easy and secure and will open mid August....

A Diverse Collection of Prairie-Adapted Garlic Varieties

Snoetic Farm is a small, diversified operation aimed at filling the local food basket with a rounded selection of homegrown farm products. In addition to fresh Market Produce, we raise Pastured Chicken, Heritage Pork and Dexter Beef – please contact us for availability in Manitoba.

Our Garlic operation supplies garlic-initiates, home gardeners, and variety connoisseurs with a quality selection of prairie-adapted heritage and gourmet seed garlic. Main production is focused on Marbled and Standard Purple Stripes as these have excelled in our region over a decade of cultivation.

We have taken the decision to change the shape of our operation, emphasizing those varietal groups that continue to excel in our area and to reduce our plantings of other types to “collection status” for long-term curation but not for the bulb market. Check out our variety listings for availability of both bulbs and bulbils.

Bulbil capsules are available from these “collection” cultivars when ordered prior to July 8th of each year.

Seed garlic is available in smaller quantities and may be ordered by contacting us directly or through our on line shopping cart.


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