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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Located in western central Manitoba near the Saskatchewan border, Snoetic Farm is a small diversified family operation producing quality seed & culinary garlic; fresh market vegetables; pastured poultry; Dexter beef and breeding stock; fertile eggs, chicks and replacement heritage chickens; and a variety of farm-made tasty preserves.

Carefully-Grown Quality Seed Garlic

  • Our garlic is produced by hand from planting to weeding to harvesting, curing and shipping - all to ensure top quality.
  • We currently have over 70 varieties in our collection, offering those which are in sufficient quantity for purchase.
  • As a zone 2b, varieties that excel here are particularly adapted to Northern growing conditions.

What’s a Snoetic?

Ecologically-Friendly Growing Practices

We created and chose this word for its implication that our thoughts, wishes and actions would facilitate the onset of winter each year. Noetic sciences examine “how beliefs, thoughts and intentions affect the physical world”. Snow is… snow.

Summer is a long haul for us; it is filled with countless hours of hand-weeding the garlic crop and market garden; monitoring weather, soil and plant conditions; caring for our recreational sled dogs, broiler and heritage chicken flocks and small herd of Dexter cattle; removing garlic scapes; fencing and farm upkeep; and finally harvesting, grading; and curing our garlic crop.

By September we are welcoming the shorter days and cooler nights. We are daydreaming and talking about snow, skijoring and winter trails. Soon, we are planting next year’s garlic crop and putting it to bed for the winter, preparing it for vernalization and subsequently another year of growth.

Winter is an essential constituent in both the success of our garlic crop and the balance of our lifestyle.

Our garlic is grown in an ecologically-friendly manner without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers; it is planted, weeded, harvested and cleaned by hand. We use holistic techniques such as mulching, cover crops, grazing, chicken tractors, and crop rotation to enhance the fertility of our soils and avoid soil-borne diseases.

Snoetic is a whimsical combination of the words “snow” and “noetic” with the additional benefit of rhyming with “poetic.”