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Creole garlics originated in the hot climates of Spain and do best in the heat of Mexico, South America, the American Southwest, and the South of France. They are not well adapted to northern climates, producing a smaller bulb often with several cloves forming outside of the main bulb. However, their beauty and flavour more than compensate for their size. Creoles are distinguished by the vivid colouring of the clove skin, outstanding full and sweet flavour and long storability. They are great eaten raw. When creoles bolt they have about 75-100 medium-sized bulbils. We continue to grow Creole garlics in Manitoba in an effort to improve their adaptability to our prairie climate.

While we will still be growing Creole garlics for culinary use and lovely kitchen braids, we are phasing them out of our seed garlic inventory in favour of varieties that perform more consistently in our Zone 2b climate.