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Some sources consider Marbled and Glazed Purple Stripes to be a subgroup of Purple Stripe while others consider them to be separate horticultural groups of their own. Either way, all three groups are definitely distinctive in character, clove number and flavour.

Marbled Purple Stripes represent a good compromise between a Purple Stripe and a Porcelain garlic. They have cloves that approach the size of a Porcelain and yet have more flavour complexity and store longer. Their flavour is not as overtly sulfurous as a Porcelain and contains more depth; although some Marbled varieties can take on a starchy texture when cooked. Marbled Purple Stripes are particularly well-suited to climates with severe winters. They have 4 to 7 cloves per bulb and larger and fewer bulbils per capsule. They typically store better than Porcelains and Purple Stripes (5-8 months).

The Glazed Purple Stripes are a small grouping of garlics which are most distinguished by their unique colour. Bulb and clove colours are a beautiful purple tinged with a metallic sheen of gold and/or silver. While bulbs colouration is heavily influenced by environmental factors, members of this group have been shown to be genetically distinct. Bulbs are somewhat squat in shape and contain a few more cloves on average than Marbled Purple Stripes but fewer than the Standard Purple Stripes.

Snoetic Farm is excited to be refining our farm vision and is undergoing some transition, welcoming in both farm-related and unrelated new goals. We have taken the decision to emphasize those varietal groups that continue to excel in our area and to reduce our plantings of other types to “collection status” for long-term curation but not for market. Bulbil capsules will be available from these smaller-quantity “collection” cultivars.

Our seed bulbs sizes are as follows:

Bulbil capsules are $3.50ea


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A beautiful Marbled Purple Stripe, Duganskij stores well and has a bold, true flavour. Bulbs available.


Kostyn’s Red Russian

Purple Glazer


Very popular garlic producing large bulbs with quite large cloves. Some describe it as fairly hot in flavour. Stores well. Bulbs available.

Wenger’s Russian

Wenger's Red Russian comes from Bob Klappstein via Boundary Garlic. Beautiful well-sized bulbs with stout cloves. Bulbs available.

A Glazed Purple Stripe containing fat cloves with almost satiny wrappers. It was originally called Mchadidzhvari #1 for its town of origin in the Republic of Georgia. Bulbs available.

Metechi is a well-known, late-maturing Marbled Purple Stripe with a few large fat cloves. Good storability. Some describe it as having a hot strong flavour. Bulbs available.

A beautiful Marbled Purple Stripe from the West Coast. We look forward to exploring its flavour. Bulbs available.

Teeny Tiny Twelve Pack

Snoetic Farm's exclusive teeny tiny twelve packs allow gardeners and garlic aficionados to try three varieties of a class, for a very inexpensive price: twelve dollars! The bulbs are 1.5 to 1.75 inches ("small"). You will get four bulbs of each of three varieties, sorted clearly.