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Inchelium Red

Inchelium Red has a pleasant mild flavour and is considered to be one of the best tasting softnecks. Easy to grow and can produce bulbs over 3inches in some conditions.

Lorz Italian

This heirloom was brought from Italy in the late 19th century by the Lorz family of the Columbia Basin in Washington. It has fewer small interior cloves and a much fuller complex flavour than most other artichoke cultivars.


A very productive, large-bulbed mild-flavoured variety from the Czech Collection of Dr. Boris Andrst, via Filaree Farm.

Oregon Blue

Metechi is a well-known, late-maturing Marbled Purple Stripe with a few large fat cloves. Good storability. Some describe it as having a hot strong flavour.

Island Star

Good flavour that is great eaten raw! Purple tinged bulbs that do well in cooler climates. Grown for 30 years in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.”

Sicilian Gold

Very mild pleasant garlic flavour. Bulbs contain many smaller cloves in a purple wrapper. Nice used raw.


Artichoke garlics are braid-able softneck plants that produce a large number of cloves per bulb (12 to 24 cloves) and form large bulbs quite easily. They are more difficult to peel  than some as clove skins are tight. However, the well-adhered clove skins contribute to their notable storability of about 6 to 9 months. As a group, Artichokes tend to have a less rich flavour than most hardneck varieties. Some varieties are very tasty and palatable with mild high-tone flavours while others are described as being simplistic and vegetative in flavour. They share many flavour qualities with Silverskin varieties without the overly sulfurous tones.

Artichokes are most suited to climates with warmer winters. In climates with cold winters, artichoke cultivars produce bulbils in the lower part of the stalk or less commonly, in the flower umbel. Our artichoke varieties took longer than our hardneck varieties to acclimatize to our prairie climate.

Artichokes are among the first garlics to mature, second only to TURBANS. Carefully monitor your crop for the early signs that the first leaves are drying down for best harvest timing.


Our on-line shopping cart has been activated for garlic seed sales. As we are actively inventorying this year’s crop, availability of stock and varieties will continue to be updated as our work progresses ~ please check periodically!

Our seed bulbs sizes are as follows:

Teeny Tiny Ten-Pack: combo

A tasters-pack of three different garlic varieties. Bulbs are 1.5”>1.75”, a wonderful way to introduce some new faces to your collection!

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