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Silverskin garlics are softnecks that are often chosen for braids because of bulb symmetry and are the type most commonly found in grocery stores because of their exceptional storage life. As a group, they store the longest of any garlic (6 to 12 months) but have less flavour complexity. They can be hot, overly sulfurous and acrid. Some report that Silverskins taste best when they are minced and lightly sautéed .

Silverskins have more cloves than artichokes (18 to 24) and sometimes produce secondary cloves on the exterior of the bulb. Commonly, Silverskin bulb wrappers are fine, smooth and all white; however, subject to our growing conditions and soil composition, some of our Silverskins have a delicate mottled purple colouring.

Silverskins do their best in milder climates as they have a shorter dormancy requirement but they can be adapted to Canadian climates. In most warmer climates, Silverskins rarely form bulbils, however in our northern growing conditions our Silverskins take longer than hardnecks to acclimatize and often produce bulbils in the stalk.

They are the last garlic harvested and often fall over prior to harvest due to their weak necks and small plants.

Early Silverskin

Mild in flavour, Early Silverskin is a nice standard of silverskins. It stores well and is a consistent producer.

Nootka Rose

A beautiful variety cultivated by Steve Bensel of Nootka Rose Farm in Waldron, WA. Gracefully shaped cloves are reminiscent of petals.

Silver White

A productive cultivar that is known to do well in both northern climates of cold winters and hot summers and in more moderate maritime climates. Stores well but has many small inner cloves.


Excellent keeper and Snoetic favourite silverskin. Flavour is delicate and smooth.

St. Helens

Flavour is subtle and nutty when baked but relatively hot when eaten raw.

Our on-line shopping cart has been activated for garlic seed sales. As we are actively inventorying this year’s crop, availability of stock and varieties will continue to be updated as our work progresses ~ please check periodically!

Our seed bulbs sizes are as follows:

Teeny Tiny Ten-Pack: combo

A tasters-pack of three different garlic varieties. Bulbs are 1.5”>1.75”, a wonderful way to introduce some new faces to your collection!

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