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Rocambole garlics are considered to be the finest tasting of the garlic cultivars. The best have a rich, deep, complex flavour. Rocambole flavour is described as being sweet rather than aggressively sulfurous.

Rocamboles produce 6 to 11 large plump cloves that are very easy to peel. Unfortunately, the looseness of the clove skins translates into a shorter storage life as the flesh contained within is subject to dehydration and early sprouting.  Well-cured and appropriately stored bulbs can be expected to store for 3-4 months.  With their exquisite full flavour, it is best to use your Rocambole garlics first and save your longer-storing garlics for fine eating in the later parts of winter and spring.

Rocamboles are suited to climates with severe winters as they require a period of cold to grow well. They produce a distinctive scape with tightly coiled loops rather than the wild curls characteristic of other varieties. Rocamboles produce 10-40 bulbils that range from small to the size of a green lentil.


From Eureka Garlic, a vigorous standard rocambole type with 6-8 well shaped cloves. Mild in flavour, but not without a little sharpness.

Mountain Top

A full flavoured Rocambole type. Attractively shaped bulbs with light brown clove wrappers.

Penn Wonder

Originating in Pennsylvanian Amish communities, this variety is cold hardy with the rich flavor characteristic of Rocamboles.


Teeny Tiny Ten-Pack: combo

A tasters-pack of three different garlic varieties. Bulbs are 1.5”>1.75”, a wonderful way to introduce some new faces to your collection!

Our on-line shopping cart has been activated for garlic seed sales. As we are actively inventorying this year’s crop, availability of stock and varieties will continue to be updated as our work progresses ~ please check periodically!

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