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Porcelain garlics produce 3 to 6 exceptionally large and fat cloves enclosed in a smooth white wrapper.  They store longer than Rocamboles but not as long as Purple Stripes, lasting for 4 to 5 months.

Porcelains are suited to climates with severe winters and thus are a solid constituent of most Canadian garlic crops. They grow tall impressive plants with dark green leaves. The bulb size of Porcelain garlics is impacted by scape removal to a greater degree than with other garlic cultivars. Umbel capsules contain hundreds of minute bulbils. Because of the small number of cloves per bulb they are generally more expensive to produce as more of a crop must be held back from use or sales for seed for the next year’s crop.

Porcelains are a good choice for cooking when a distinctive garlic flavour is desired and when a large quantity of garlic is needed as one must only peel a few of the huge cloves. However, they are not a recommended choice for baking as this method of preparation produces a starchy and unpalatable result in most varieties. They are more sulfurous in flavour due to having notably higher yields of allicin, the compound associated with garlic’s health benefits.

German White

From Eureka Garlic on PEI, German White is widely grown in some parts of the states.  It is a hardy, adaptable variety with standard Porcelain characteristics. Bulbs available.

Susan Delafield’s

A fairly hot garlic, it is a very impressive plant producing tall dark green foliage and bulbs with 4-5 huge cloves. Tolerant of wet growing conditions. Bulbs available.

Ukrainian Mavniv

A clean sharp Porcelain garlic with lasting flavour. Great addition when grated raw into salad dressings. Bulbs available.

Snoetic Farm is excited to be refining our farm vision and is undergoing some transition, welcoming in both farm-related and unrelated new goals. We have taken the decision to emphasize those varietal groups that continue to excel in our area and to reduce our plantings of other types to “collection status” for long-term curation but not for market. Bulbil capsules will be available from these smaller-quantity “collection” cultivars.

Our seed bulbs sizes are as follows:

Bulbil capsules are $3.50ea


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Teeny Tiny Twelve Pack

Snoetic Farm's exclusive teeny tiny twelve packs allow gardeners and garlic aficionados to try three varieties of a class, for a very inexpensive price: twelve dollars! The bulbs are 1.5 to 1.75 inches ("small"). You will get four bulbs of each of three varieties, sorted clearly.