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The Weakly Bolting hardneck group encompass Turban, Asiatic, Creole and other unclassified types that share more characteristics with this group than with others. Weakly Bolting garlics have a stalk that is softer than hardnecks, or they bolt only under particular conditions or some plants of a strain bolt while others do not.

Turban garlics grow a modest plant that is among the first to emerge in the spring and the first to be harvested. When Turban types bolt, the scape does not curl but rather droops and produces many small to medium sized bulbils. Scape remove does not strongly impact bulb size. The beauty of the Turban garlic is in its early availability and its vividly attractive bulb. They are not long keepers. They are the garlic that fills your yearning following the long months just prior to harvest after which you are ready to move on to the more flavour complex Rocambole. Turban flavours are generally simple and immediate. The short winter dormancy requirement of Turbans makes them good candidates for regions with mild winters.

Asiatic garlics are a unique grouping that would benefit from more study. Some have considered them to be a subgroup of Artichoke garlics. Asiatic cultivars store longer than Turbans and also have that great flavour intensity. Cloves are crescent shaped but short and similar to those of Glazed Purple Stripe cultivars. When Asiatics bolt, the capsule has a notably long beak and produces a few large to huge sized bulbils. Scape removal does not strongly impact bulb size. Asiatic garlics are harvested much earlier than most cultivars, when one or two leaves have turned brown. Bulb wrappers deteriorate rapidly if left in the ground much longer.

Sweet Haven

Beautiful bulbs offer a pleasant flavour with medium heat. Sweet Haven does well under diverse conditions. It sizes up very well when grown out from bulbils. Bulbs available.


Late-season Asiatic variety. Very vigorous plant produces attractive bulbs with 6-8 cloves and bulbils with a few large bulbils. Excellent keeper with great flavour. Considered by some to be very hot. Bulbs available.

Snoetic Farm is excited to be refining our farm vision and is undergoing some transition, welcoming in both farm-related and unrelated new goals. We have taken the decision to emphasize those varietal groups that continue to excel in our area and to reduce our plantings of other types to “collection status” for long-term curation but not for market. Bulbil capsules will be available from these smaller-quantity “collection” cultivars.

Our seed bulbs sizes are as follows:

Bulbil capsules are $3.50ea


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