Dexter Cattle


Our cattle herd is comprised largely of purebred Dexters with a few out-crosses to Jersey and Angus. Dexter’s are a small breed of dual-purpose cattle known for their hardiness, docility, thriftiness and calving ease. Cows stand from about 38-42inches high at the shoulder and weigh an average of 750-800lbs. They produce well-marbled meat that is both flavourful and naturally tender and with a high carcass dress-out percentage. Although more frequently raised for beef, their milk has a high butterfat content and is known for its smaller, easier to digest fat globules.

Our cattle are raised on chemical-free rotational pasture without antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones. Our steers are finished on alfalfa/timothy hay and a limited quantity of local grains to provide a little extra energy in winter and to keep them coming when called. Animal quality of life and humane, respectful husbandry is very important to us. We take every reasonable measure to avoid stressful situations for all of our animals from start to finish.  The herd is very calm and comfortable with human presence which makes necessary handling less stressful for everyone.