Pasture-Raised Chickens


We raise our chickens May through September from day-old chicks so that we can ensure they are fed and cared for to our standards from the start. They are brooded in our barn for these first few weeks until they have grown enough feathers and are able to regulate their own body temperatures. Then they are transported to pasture where they live in portable shelters to provide them with shade and to keep them safe from predators.

Our chicken shelters are moved daily so that the birds have fresh access to new plants and bugs, sunshine, cool breezes and clean conditions. Their activity on the land stimulates the surface of the pasture and spreads valuable manure exactly where it is needed to build soil health and to improve plants and biology.

While chickens love the broad leaves of the alfalfa and clover and snip off the tips of grass, they are naturally omnivores and biologically setup to require seeds, grains and insects for most of their calories. We feed a nutritionally balanced ration of prairie grains. Our chickens do not receive any therapeutic medications or growth-promoting hormones.

Pastured-raised chickens are tender and have that old-time real chicken flavour with a higher level of Omega 3 fatty acids compared to confinement-raised chickens or those free-ranging on dirt lots. Our birds are offered in a range of sizes but most average around 6 to 7lbs currently.

You can purchase our frozen whole chickens now via our online store (subject to seasonal availability) for delivery frozen to the Natural Reflexions Country Markets from June 29th to Aug 31st 2019. Contact us directly via email or phone to order for delivery to a pickup location in Swan River, Kamsack, Roblin and Yorkton on specific dates throughout the summer and early fall.

If you would like to portion your chicken before freezing, contact us to make a plan to pick-up at the farm on the day that they are processed. Chickens can be also pre-ordered prior to the season to ensure your supply. To receive March notifications and chicken ordering information each year, please sign up for our email list.